The Warrior Academy at Winamac Community High School addresses the needs of student who struggles with traditional learning by offering alternative education.

Traditional education does not always work for students with special needs that range from physical to mental to emotional. Alternative education may be the answer to help a student who struggles in a regular classroom.

“I get to know each student on a personal basis,” says Karen Butler, the teacher for the Warrior Academy. She gets to know what they want to do after high school, what they like, and what their particular needs are.

The Academy uses computers and school provided iPads to access class work.

“They can work at home if they have Wi-Fi, but tests are only taken in the classroom and are password protected,” Karen said. If the student does not have Internet or Wi-Fi available at home, the school the school provides Wi-Fi time during study halls.

Right now, the Warrior Academy offers recovery classes for students who need help attaining grade level work. However, the future holds the possibility for students who want to advance, or take classes the school cannot offer.

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