Alternative learning offers educational options for students who struggle to make grades as well as students who want to work above grade level.

Some students need more time to work through assignments. Rushing through lessons can be frustrating and cause disciplinary issues. Some students get bored working at a slower pace. This can also cause disciplinary problems. Then there are students who need a combination of more time on one lesson and a faster pace on another. For example, a student who excels in math may need more time in language arts. Alternative learning is flexible, making it a possible choice for gifted children’s educational needs.

Allison Bruning, Author, Publisher, Professional Speaker, and Director of Gifted Educational Services at Mountain Springs Academy also known as Academic Warriors Mobile Academy. She is also working on her PhD in Education from Walden University. With her work with gifted and talented children, Allison recognizes the advantages alternative learning can for gifted children. This is evident in her social media posts.

Google Hangout gave her students an opportunity to learn about sharks from Shark Girl. Allison posted a picture on her Facebook page of the hangout on September 23, 2015. Also on Facebook, Allison shared the book drive for the homeless that her six-year-old student planned and implemented. Some lessons outside typical classroom education are learning tools.

Allison uses Twitter to promote all her endeavors, including the activities of the academy. She advertises that the Academic Warriors are transforming gifted education on a post and provides a link to the website were parents can find more information about gifted education. Allison also shares a post with link to her blog that contains an article on about the special needs concerning disciplining gifted children.

On her LinkedIn account, Allison shares stories like her post about how a brain learns and the problems that can arise with a gifted child’s ability to learn. She also has a post about how to engage the gifted child’s mind.

Allison also has a Google+ account where she posts links concerning gifted student diversities and the biological differences of the gifted brain.

There is much to learn about gifted children and the best educational situations for them. Will traditional academic learning follow and offer all students the advantages of alternative learning?

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