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Jennifer Shank-Maxwell grew up in a small northern Indiana town. Like many of the towns surrounding it, Winamac is in the middle of nowhere and almost two hours away from any big city. Raised by her schoolteacher mother and her Boy Scout father, Jennifer is the oldest of their five children.


From the day she was born, Jennifer lived the attitude of the Boy Scouts. She spent her time in the woods camping, on the rivers canoeing, and on the trails hiking. Every summer, she and her family spent their vacations in the various state parks and forests of Indiana.

After her senior year in high school, Jennifer worked for Tippecanoe River State Park until well past the end of the season. She filled the positions of Gate Attendant, Office Worker, Matron, Security, and Laborer. For all the time she spent and the jobs she performed, they honored her with an Employee of the Month award.

As youth, Jennifer held leadership positions with the Explorers, a co-ed division of the Boy Scouts. As an adult, Jennifer spent almost five years as Cub Master, and later became an Assistant Scout Master. During that time, she attended many training courses, including Woodbadge, the highest training available. She also participated as an instructor training youth and adults.

Following in the tradition of her family, Jennifer spent time as an instructional assistant in the Winamac High School special education department. During this time, she got to know each student and how they learn based on individual needs. This led to a passion about alternative learning scenarios.


Jennifer holds a Master of Arts in New Media Journalism and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing for Entertainment, both from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.


Jennifer still lives in Winamac, surrounded by family and friends. You can contact her through email. All comments on and suggestions for this website are welcome and can be emailed from the Contact Page.

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